Jaarbeurs Utrecht, 2 & 3 November 2022


Emerging technologies continue to disrupt and transform entire markets. TBX is the place where you can experience, learn and understand how the tech evolution impacts your business.

Why visit TBX?

Visiting TBX provides you with the necessary know-how and toolkit to supercharge your business and make it future proof. Equipped with the insights shared and the network of experts provided, your business gets ready for coping with digital transformation and the tech evolution.



The themes TBX will cover:

  • Smart World
  • Data Factory
  • New Work
  • Green Tech
  • Web 3.0
  • Deep Tech
  • IT Ethics
  • Cyber Resilience

More about the themes

Why will 4000+ visitors gather in Utrecht?

A visit of TBX makes you aware of these emerging trends and technologies which disrupt and transform markets.

You understand why tech is impacting your business, how you should prepare and which tools this requires.

We facilitate this at TBX with inspiring speakers, tremendous networking opportunities, and the best software to get you ready for tomorrow’s technology.