Jim Stolze

Chairman of the day

Jim Stolze is a writer and entrepreneur, tech entrepreneur. With his company Aigency, he provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to large companies. In addition, he is often used as a ‘pep-talk’ at events about innovation, technology or entrepreneurship. Jim hosts the keynotes and talk shows on TBX Main Stage.

Jim previously founded an advertising agency and an online marketing agency. For his executive MBA, he wrote a master’s thesis on the relationship between internet use, online communities and well-being (happiness). The experiment even made it to CNN and not only led to the publication of his first book (“How Do I Survive My Inbox, 2009”) but also to an invitation to the world-famous TED Congress. This inspired Jim to bring TEDx to Amsterdam in 2009.

After performances at Dutch television shows, Jim Stolze became known to the general public as the founder of TEDxAmsterdam. This adventure took him to various places in the world (including California, New York, Aruba and Qatar) where he could copy the art of presentation from the greats of the earth. His book came out in 2019: Algorithmization, get used to it! out, which was immediately in the management book top 10. Jim realized how big the impact of AI is and will be. He therefore took the initiative for De Nationale AI course, a free course for all Dutch people about the functioning and basic principles of AI, its applications and consequences. The National AI Junior course started on September 4, 2019.

Jim Stolze takes all this expertise with him as chairman of the Mainstage on 3 and 4 November.