Martijn Aslander

Keynote: future of work

Martijn Aslander was one of the founders of and is co-founder of Permanent Beta and AmsterdamConnected. Both in his publications and on stage he shows the unprecedented possibilities of the current network society for people and the labor market. The ‘new renaissance’, in which knowledge dissemination is faster than ever, offers enormous opportunities for people to organize themselves bottom-up and to get things done faster, more efficiently and without bureaucracy and to find solutions to difficult issues.

Martijn Aslander ‘looks’ at the world through a social and economic lens. With passion and humor he maps out the complex impact of technology on society for his audience. He describes, among other things, the current and future implications of these developments for the networked information society. Martijn is a hands-on inspirer who explains in an accessible manner what is going on in this world and what other visionary authors, scientists and thinkers have to say about this. Martijn combines this into an understandable picture of what is going on and what it means for organisations, business models, markets and innovation.

His books ‘Easycratie’ and ‘Nooit Af’ (never finished) are regarded as a standard work for many administrators. As a StandUp Philosopher, he investigates and articulates possibilities every day to tackle problems and capitalize on opportunities. With his latest theme, Digital Fitness, he is once again pioneering at the forefront of the future of work.

Photography: Daniel Maissan